Commercial, Employment and Energy Arbitration: ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, JAMS, and College of Commercial Arbitrators, Annual Commercial Arbitration Training Institute,'12, '10, '09, '05; College of Commercial Arbitrators, CCA National Summit on Business to Business Arbitration, ’09; AAA Employment/Commercial Arbitrator II & Advanced Case Management, '04; National Association of Securities Dealers, Arbitrator Training, '04; AAA Employment/Commercial Arbitrator I Training, '04.

Labor Arbitration: NAA Annual Meeting, '16, '12, '10, ’09; AAA PA Act 111 Labor Arbitrator Training: '12;  NAA, Fall Education Conference, '12, '11, '10, '09, '07; Ohio State Employment Relations Board Conf on Ohio Public Sector Fact Finding, '14, '13, '12, '10;  OSBA, Labor Arbitration, ‘09;  University of Pittsburgh, Financial Management in the Public Sector, 3 credit hours, ’06;  AAA Act 111 Arbitration Series, Introduction to Act 111 Arbitration, Operational Issues and Compensation, Pension and Health Care Issues, '05; NAA, FMCS and Association for Conflict Resolution, Advanced Labor Arbitrator Development Workshop, '04; AAA Labor Arbitration II Training, '04; AAA Labor Arbitrator I Training, '04; FMCS Labor Arbitrator Training, '04.

Mediation: ABA DR Section, Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Training, ‘07; Harvard Law School, Advanced Mediation Skills Program ’06, Advanced Mediation Workshop '04; Pepperdine University School of Law, Mediating the Litigated Case Training, '05; West Virginia State Bar Basic Mediator Training, 04, Advanced Mediator Training, '05, '04; Pittsburgh Mediation Center Mediation Course, '04; Conflict Resolution Training, '04.

E-Discovery Special Master: Kroll Ontrack E-Discovery Certification Course Workshop, 2011; Kroll Ontrack Advanced E-Discovery Certification Course Workshop, 2011.

International Arbitration: Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Diploma in International Arbitration, 2012; CIArb International Commercial Arbitration Training Workshops & Award Writing Examination, 2012.


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Mike McDoweel specializes in arbitration and mediation services throughout the Pittsburgh area. These services include: Employment arbitration and mediation, labor arbitrations and mediations he also acts as a securities arbitrator and mediatior, in commercial abritration and mediation as well as energy consulting as an arbitrator and mediator. Michael D. McDowell,Arbitration,Mediation,Arbitrator,Mediator,Labor Arbitration,Labor mediation,labor arbitrator, labor mediator,employment arbitration, employment mediation, employment arbitrator,employment mediator,securities arbitration,securities mediation,securities arbitrator,securities mediator,commercial arbitration,commercial mediation,commercial arbitrator,commercial mediator,energy arbitration,energy mediation,energy arbitrator,energy mediator,pittsburgh,pennsylvania,pittsburgh pennsylvania,pittsburgh pa,pa